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North Myrtle Beach City Council passes budget, hears state golf cart law concerns

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – The North Myrtle Beah City Council unanimously passed a $162 million budget for the 2023 Fiscal Year Monday night.

The Council also saw an unusually large attendance after the city posted a reminder about state-law time restrictions for golf carts.

NMB City Council Meeting/Anger over Golf Carts!(WMBF)

The city received a bit of backlash after posting on its website and social media pages, reminding folks that golf cart drivers and passengers are not allowed on public roads after 8 p.m. during daylight saving time.

South Carolina State Law states during Daylight Savings, golf carts can only be on non-major roadways between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Some residents want an exception.

Most residents say they understand; however, the restrictions on Main Street on Thursdays are unfair, in part because they like to use their carts to attend events in town.

“City Council, you guys have a lot of stuff on your plate, and I don’t envy you at all,” said Ray Collins, a North Myrtle Beach resident. “I have about 12 hours of stuff here, but I’m going to knock it down to two minutes. “

A number of residents, like Collins, signed up to speak at the Monday night meeting, hoping the council will hear them and allow them to park in the overflow areas.

“They are not allowing golf carts anymore on Main St. for the [Music on Main] concert,” Collins said.

City public information officer Donald Graham says this year, both motor vehicles and golf carts are restricted on Main St. for safety reasons.

Currently, it can only be accessed by pedestrians.

“I understand that there are state laws that say golf carts can’t be on the road after dark,” said Tim M., a North Myrtle Beach resident. “It bothers me every Thursday, it bothers me every Friday, it bothers me every Saturday.”

One woman says she has a disability and not having access to close parking on Main St. for the concert is an issue.

“A provider or supporter of events must provide reasonable accommodations to all degrees of disability,” said Linda Gilliam, a resident of North Myrtle Beach. “Easy access to the event.”

Mayor Marilyn Hatley says they’re working on it.

No decision was made on golf carts at this meeting.

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